1 Million Trees





Climate change is a reality.

Faced with this truth, we can no longer afford to procrastinate - the time for action has come. The 1 Million Trees Association (1MTA) is committed to raising awareness about the climatic and ecological challenges facing our humanity today and addressing these problems through the planting of trees. Our 1 Million Trees Festival is an educational project for the 21st Century, which works towards the common good of the whole population by tackling the issues of climate change and helping to reduce carbon emissions.  It promotes solidarity, sustainability, socialisation, harmony, growth, innovation and environmental awareness. 


 Plant trees to save our planet


Forests are one of the solutions to saving our planet from climate change problems. The effects of global warming can cause extreme temperatures, seasonal disruption, desertification, rapid melting of polar ice caps and glaciers, reduced snow cover, rising sea levels and current changes, increased coastal floods and cyclones, changes in the distribution of fauna and flora, a resurgence of deadly diseases... and more.

One of the main contributing factors of global warming is the increased concentration of Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, causing a 'greenhouse effect'.

It is estimated that forests have the potential to absorb about 40% of global carbon emissions caused by humans. However, when forests are not managed sustainably and are cleared, overused or degraded, this potential is dramatically reduced. In fact, the clearing of forests (deforestation) actually releases more carbon back into the atmosphere.


Why plant trees?


Trees as air filters


Trees are good air filters. Whether in town or in the countryside, one of the main environmental benefits of trees is their ability to purify the air significantly more than smaller plants due to their large size and extensive root system.

Through photosynthesis, the harmful carbon gases (CO2) present in the air are absorbed by the trees and stored in their woody biomass. The trees then release oxygen allowing us to breathe clean air. Thus, the survival of humanity depends entirely on the existence of trees because without them, we could not breathe properly. The more trees we grow therefore, the more carbon we will remove from the atmosphere and the more oxygen we will have to breathe.


Trees as soil protectors


Trees are also useful for protecting soil against erosion. Indeed, their roots help maintain the soil and stabilise it, which is important because soils also store a lot of carbon. In the event of floods or strong winds, a treed landscape is more protected than an area without trees which is at risk of soil degradation by erosion or gullying.

Trees also play a vital role in regulating soil hydrology. Thanks to them, the water table is maintained at the right level.


Trees and health


Trees bring their virtue to the health of humans.  Many of their leaves are used in medicine to cure diseases. Trees also play a major role in human psychological health. A well-wooded space gives people an ideal place to relax and de-stress. Hugging a tree connects you to the grounding energy of the Earth.


Trees as thermal regulators


The presence of trees in a region makes it possible to regulate the differences in temperature. Through evapotranspiration, trees release water vapour that humidifies the air. They have the quality of refreshing the air. Thus, without the trees, the area may be exposed to extreme temperature variation ranging from high heat to intense cold.


Trees as water filters


Acting as true water filters, trees significantly improve the quality of water. First, they absorb rainwater by percolation and improve the groundwater level. Then, the presence of trees around a stream is essential to block the waste and the dirt so that they do not pollute the surface water. Not to mention that the shade provided by these trees on the water can better oxygenate the aquatic fauna.


Trees for Biodiversity


Trees are also vital for animal species. Forests provide animals with a safe habitat and food. The disappearance of a single species of tree could cause more than thirty species of animals to become extinct. To better protect wildlife, it is strongly recommended to protect forests and plant trees.


Benefit calculator for 1 million trees planted:


1 million trees planted =

  • Climate: 1 billion car kilometres compensated (ie: 150,000 tons of CO2 stored)
  • Biodiversity: 3 million animal shelters
  • Health: 4 million months of oxygen generated, or 333,333 years, or 300,000 people for life
  • Employment: 1 million hours of work created, 41,667 days

1Tree =

  • 1000 km by car compensated (source: Fransylva)
  • 150 Kg of CO2 stored (source: ADEME)
  • 3 shelters created for animals (source: IRSTEA study published in Biological Conservation)
  • 4 months of oxygen created (source: Expert Pneumology APHP)
  • 1 hour of work created (source: Fransylva)



The 1st Festival of 1 Million Trees


The 1 Million Trees Association (1MTA) in partnership with the City of Montpellier launched the 1st stage of the Festival of 1 Million Trees in France, as part of Montpellier Cité Jardins. It occurred on 21 & 24 March 2018 in Montpellier, in memory of Colette Lassere Savio and the Children of the world.



  • to raise public awareness of the issues related to climate change, preservation and the valorisation of trees and forests (through educational workshops).
  • plant 1 Million Trees in France, from 21 March 2018 to 21 March 2020.
  • fight against global warming.
  • preserve biodiversity.
  • support reforestation projects in France and around the world.
  • participate in the safeguarding of our planet to leave a better world for the children of tomorrow.
  • to create the Nurseries of Humanity throughout five continents.


We plant every year


The City of Montpellier was the first to answer the call of the 1 Million Trees Association and successfully planted 1000 trees on 21 & 24 March 2018 and in Mars 2019 and Mars 2020. The City is committed to repeating this every year. Today we have more than 30 cities participating in our festival.


The City of Montpellier was the first to answer the call of the 1 Million Trees Association and successfully planted 1000 trees on 21 & 24 March 2018, March 2019 and March 2020 The City is committed to repeating this every year.


Recognition of the festival by the high authority


 The 5th Festival was launched under the patronage of President Emmanuel Macron.

 In 2019, 2020, 2021 the festival was supported by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity 


We have planted 53 2500 000 trees in France



1 Million Trees Association (1MTA)


The 1 Million Trees Association (1MTA) is a non-profit organisation, created in Montpellier in October 2017.


Our Vision: the seeds we plant today to become the forests of tomorrow, all around the world.  Each tree planted is one small step towards healing the environment. 


Our Mission: to promote, sensitise and educate the general public about climate change, the preservation of the environment, bioversity and the valorisation of trees and forests.


Our goal: to plant 1 million trees in France and create the Nursery of Humanity in Democratic Republic of Congo.


Our team:


- President: Berta Capdevila Puig

- Founder / CEO : Jean-Paul Wabotay

- Secretary and treasurer: Marine Yasmine Belouar

- Treasurer: Durell Bikouta 

- Counselor: Francine Chevalier 

- Communication: Blandine Urbansky



- Botanists: Francis Hallé  

- Agronomist: Baracatu

- Forester: Jean-Claude Panicucci

- Farmers: Brigitte et Jean-Claude Panicucci

- urban agriculture: Loic Tostivint

- Nurserymen and Nurserywomen: Hélène Liaux

- Biologists: Loic Tostivint